Storage Craft Backup And Disaster Recovery

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Disaster recovery involves a set and procedures or policies to enable the continuation or recovery of important technology systems and infrastructure following human action or natural disaster. We at Storage craft offer Data Recovery and free backups.

  • Classification of disasters

Disasters can be classified into two broad categories:


  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.
  • Man-made disasters like hazardous material spills, bio-terrorism, disastrous IT bugs and infrastructure.
  • Storage Craft Shadow Protect Desktop

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Desktop software provides reliable, fast disaster recovery and backups as well as data protection for workstations of windows. Regardless of whether you’re a small firm, large enterprise or somewhere in between.Shadow Protect Desktop is 1 part of the Recovery solution of Storage craft. This Recovery solution provides you with the services and products necessary to recover your business data.Shadow Protect Desktop software is used to create sector-level backup images of a disk drive. These images contain data of your operating systems, configuration settings, applications and services hence when you need to backup everything it just takes minutes rather hours.


Include desktops and laptops in your disaster recovery planning


Shadow Protect Desktop not only provides full backups of computer drives but also features flexible options of recovery that enable employees to get up running very quickly after a disaster.


When system failure or data loss occurs, Shadow Protect lets you:


  • Restore to different or same machine in minutes
  • Access individual folders and data files in seconds
  • You can also schedule Shadow Protect to constantly take incremental backup images as they record changes after the last backup image. It works in background so you won’t even notice it working.
  • Vital protection of your Windows workstations

Scenarios for which businesses or companies use Shadow Protect Desktop:


  • Restoring to the same hardware after a virus causes a computer crash
  • Testing your business’s or companies’ disaster recovery plan
  • Switching to new Windows laptops or desktops
  • Recovering data such as folders or files
  • Benefits of Shadow Protect Desktop Backup

The Backup Wizard enables you to:


  • Capture everything—applications, configuration settings, systems, services, data.
  • Encrypt backup images to safely protect data and files
  • Save backups to any disk device
  • Back up a non-bootable system before restoring operation recovery

The Explore Backup Wizard, Restore Wizard, Storage Craft Hardware Independent Restore technology and StorageCraft VirtualBoot technology, let you:


  • Restore a system to the virtual environments or different or same hardware
  • Perform a metal restore in minutes or seconds

Quickly restore access to a server that manages a database by mounting or putting a point-in-time backup image licensingStorageCraft licenses ShadowProtect on computers or workstations on a per-system basis, meaning, if you plan to use ShadowProtect on your business computers or workstations to back up twenty-five Windows laptops, desktops or workstations you use twenty-five ShadowProtect Desktop licenses.
If you are a service provider that is managed by Storagecraft, StorageCraft provides a subscription-based option.


Technical specifications


  • Supported environments and requirements
  • Supported Linux or Windows Operating Systems
  • Storagecraft supports all windows operating systems and Linux operating systems making it an exquisite software that can work on many operating systems.


Some Reasons Data Backup Is Different From Disaster Recovery

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Far too many people are under the impression that Data Backup and disaster recovery are exactly the same. This is a misconception that can actually cause people to lose a lot of the files that they have tried to protect so dearly. People who understand some reasons data backup is different from disaster recovery are going to be that much more likely to respond effectively to problems in the future, while also preparing for them more effectively.


People need to avoid having faith in data backup software.


For many people, especially the people who work in large organizations, data backup software is the only thing standing between them and the loss of a huge amount of money. People might back up their data just fine, but the backups can fail just as easily as the data in the main database. In this regard, people could think of data backup software as being somewhat analogous to making an extra copy of a manuscript in order to avoid losing it. Obviously, this is important. However, if the manuscripts are both in the same location and the location burns down, both of them are going to be reduced to ashes and the fact that two of the copies were destroyed and not one doesn’t really make a difference.


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The New Mayor in Technology-Cloud Storage

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There is only one thing that never changes: change! And there is a new mayor in technology town. Research conducted by computer weekly revealed cloud computing is the top priority in IT companies. Lately many businesses are reducing their budget on IT, in terms of software and hardware but they are willing to use more in cloud. According to Navisite Inc. 50-70% have already shifted a significant amount of their data to cloud.


Cloud computing


Cloud computing is on top for major reason, Data Protection as well as storage. It is surprising even with the con (the fact that it needs a lot of IT infrastructure and maintenance cost to set up those data center) they tend to think it is a better deal to increase spending.


Let’s look at the reasons why many companies prefer it. It has more advantage if you have the right software, IT infrastructure and platform.


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